Our Courses

Make sure you’re prepared as an adult driver with the help of drive-rite school.

We are your trusted driving school of choice for thorough training, whether you’re an adult in need of remedial classes or a teen just starting to drive.

Adult Courses

Adult Remediation

drive-rite is licensed by the State of Ohio for both adult and remedial driving instruction. Our adult class consists of 1 day (Saturday) beginning at 9:00 a.m. to 5:50 p.m. with a 30 minute lunch and 2-10 minute breaks.

The cost is $90.00 for day of events. Fees are to be paid in cash and photo identification must be presented. Visit our calendar page to find out when our next class is, then visit our registration page to reserve a seat in our classroom for the next session. We require a minimum of 5 students in order to have our remedial classes.

Mature Drivers Education

By taking the mature drivers education course, you are made eligible for an insurance discount.

Employee Driver Safety Programs

Many employers are taking an active role in providing safety education for their teen or adult drivers, where employees are required to drive during the course of their employment. Every year, billions of dollars are lost due to absenteeism from traffic injuries, reduced productivity from chronic injuries that occur in low speed crashes, and lost good will toward the business. In fact, commercial vehicles are involved in an average of $15 billion of traffic accidents annually. Whether your company consists of truck drivers, home visiting nurses, or pizza delivery, the safety of your adult drivers is paramount.

Teen Courses

At drive-rite, we work hard to develop and maintain a program that fits every student’s individual needs. Our drivers education programs are customized to the needs of our students and communicate results to both parents and the student. Our experience shows that students require a gentle touch and learn at different rates. After all, for most of them, it is the first time they have driven with anyone outside of a parent, legal guardian, or custodian.

AAA Juvenile Education Program

The juvenile education program fufills the required 24 hours of classroom training and 8 hours of behind-the-wheel training.

Teen intervention Program

The teen intervention program allows you to have your tickets forgiven by the state of Ohio. Here at Drive-Rite we will re-educate you in how to be a safe responsible driver.

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